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University Tun Abdul Razak Convocation Day 2009

Wan posing for the camera.
200 Plastic Keychains : Sold Out!
Miss Dhea: Cashier of the day!Picture --> Holding one of the car stickers.

Sales Man , From left: Wan, Epul and Zaid

30 Mugs Sold Out!

Button Badge
Black and White Car Sticker : Sold Out!

Hello there all,

ChumBilaBila's team consist of Zaid(myself), Miss Dhea, Wan and Epul.

We were selling mugs, keychains, car sticker and button badge. All were printed and produced by ChumBilaBila.

We had fun.

You can order from us and sell the products during your university convocation day or during your university's/company's event.

We can also print car sticker. Send us the design and the size ( A cm x B cm) of the sticker that you want, and we will quote you with the price the next day.

Be entrepreneurial. Satisfy the demand. Order and Deal with us.

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Button Badge i love unitar for sale!

RM5.00 each
size = 55 mm / 5.5 cm
Hello there handsome boys and pretty girls,
We have a new service . As you can see the round object up there is called BUTTON BADGE.
What?! You want to have your own BUTTON BADGE for your university?
You want to sell it to your friends?
Sure, why not. Be entrepreneurial.
Minimum order is 100 pieces
100 - 500 pieces = RM2.00
500 - infinity and beyond pieces = RM1.80
Drop us an email at or beep us at 017-246 3629/019-367 1076 to order.
*Will update on the official site soon.

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Hang Me Up In Your Car

Love your boyfriend?Girlfriend?or even your pet?
Now you can hang them up in your car or wherever you like.
The face is made out of a combination of rubber and plastic.
Will be out soon enough in a few weeks.
The technology and the product is from Taiwan.
To be sold around RM30.00-RM40.00 each.
I wonder if my girlfriend would love it. I bet she does. I will give her one for free.
Happy Ramadan To All.

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Kad Kahwin2u - Online Wedding Invitation

I want to share with you all my new service under the roof of Zaid Arif Enterprise.
It is Online Wedding Invitation using flash/nonflash. The service is simple, you give me all the details of your wedding day, then you will be given a url. You can email/sms/facebooking/tweet the url to your friends. By doing this you can easily invite your friends and also of course reduce your wedding budget.

Im doing this business with my friend Mr. fayadh. An IT graduate from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Help me spread the words to your friends who wants to get married okay? Thank you . Youre so kind.

Here is the link

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Loveism Keychain

95% of my customers are female.
They love their boyfriend very much.
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Mugs From Previous Customers

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This post is for testimonial statement from our customers and for our future customers to see whether our service is good or bad and in what area improvement is needed.

If our service is good, do tell your friends aite?
If our service is bad, dont forget to drop us an email and tell us about it.

We are serving you to be the best online personalised gift service in Malaysia.

We will add new testimonials from time to time and we will get feedbacks/testimonial from our previous customers.

Hafiz from UTM Skudai Johor
Aku sangat puas hati.Chumbilabila mmg best.Barang sempoi and design pun smart.Boleh bagi something meaningful and ade kenangan kat someone yang penting affordable. (Barang yang ditempah : Cawan )

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Problem Fixed!

Just a short post.
Our official website can be accessed like normal.

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Server Problem On

Dear all,

We are very sorry to announce that our official website cannot be accessed due to some problem with the streamyx's dns server.

For the time being, you can contact us at or just give us a call at

Sorry for all inconvieniences.

Thank you.

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Thanks Google!

For the first time in the history of ChumBilaBila .
Yes we are number one in Google.

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Mini Mug For Wedding

Mini mug for wedding.
The price is around RM3.00 - RM5.00 per mini mug .

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Plastic Keychains (Sample)

Hello, samples of plastic keychains for you to look at

Happy Birthday Marshie!
God Bless You!
Design by ChumBilaBila, just give us the details and concept of your design , and we will design it free for you.

Friends are Forever
Save unforgettable moments with your friends in a keychain.
RM8.00 each.
To order kindly go to
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I Love Kuala Lumpur!

RM20.00 each

Cute Right?

Email to to order.

Price can be negotiated for large orders.

or just go to the official website for more information.

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Birthday Mug

Hello there sweethearts,
Have you ever gone to a gift shop looking for a birthday present and accidentally you came across those birthday mug gifts. Those mugs that have details such as BIRTHDAY DATE AND HOROSCOPE. OMG! Then you start searching one of those cute mugs for your friend. However, sadly it was out stock or the design was not cute and not attractive enough.

Happy Birthday Zaid Arif! (Name)
13th April (Birthday date)
Aries (Horoscope)
(These are all the information that we need to print your one of a kind birthday mug)
RM20 each

We will put 5-10 cute designs for you to choose from.

Design 1 (The sample design ,we will add more designs weekly)

Give us 5-7 days to complete your mug.

Orders can be made from the official website ok?

For the time being, don't hesitate to email us if you want to ask anything?
We love to hear from you!
Email to

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Finally Chumbilabila has its own twitter account. If you happened to have a twitter account come and follow us by clicking this link FOLLOW US. Thank You !

New personalised car sticker printing service is coming your way!

Plastic Keychain

For the curious minds, this is the meaning of my name.
This keychain is a double sided keychain. One side is the meaning of your name and the other side your picture/or anything else that you want.
The Oh-So-Famous Zati Nabilah also known as CHUMBILABILA. For your information, the name CHUMBILABILA came from her pet name given by the whole family.
The forever adorable Zati Nabilah AKA CHUMBILABILA.
The Chumbilabila logo came from her idea. She also draws the cute mugs in the logo. She's 12 years old and loves Hannah Montana. Ok stop.
The Lovely Miss Dhea's real name.
Picture on the other side.
For Couples
For Couples
For your business , institutions, corporate gift, and etc.
Picture above is the name of my University!
Price can be negotiated for large orders.

Olla Folks,

Have you ever feel frustrated when you walked into a shop wanting to buy a name keychain but could not find your name?
I'm guessing everyone has been through that kind of situation before, right? Here, you will never feel frustrated because we will try our best to search for the meaning of your name. However, if you are curious about the meaning of your name and want to help us, you can try the links below :



You can choose your own colours, pictures, designs (cute, profesional, etc ) and words. Just send us the details to

The plastic is made ouf of high quality plastic since we want to provide the best for our customers.

Promotional Price : RM8.00