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Hang Me Up In Your Car

Love your boyfriend?Girlfriend?or even your pet?
Now you can hang them up in your car or wherever you like.
The face is made out of a combination of rubber and plastic.
Will be out soon enough in a few weeks.
The technology and the product is from Taiwan.
To be sold around RM30.00-RM40.00 each.
I wonder if my girlfriend would love it. I bet she does. I will give her one for free.
Happy Ramadan To All.

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Kad Kahwin2u - Online Wedding Invitation

I want to share with you all my new service under the roof of Zaid Arif Enterprise.
It is Online Wedding Invitation using flash/nonflash. The service is simple, you give me all the details of your wedding day, then you will be given a url. You can email/sms/facebooking/tweet the url to your friends. By doing this you can easily invite your friends and also of course reduce your wedding budget.

Im doing this business with my friend Mr. fayadh. An IT graduate from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Help me spread the words to your friends who wants to get married okay? Thank you . Youre so kind.

Here is the link

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Loveism Keychain

95% of my customers are female.
They love their boyfriend very much.
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Mugs From Previous Customers

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This post is for testimonial statement from our customers and for our future customers to see whether our service is good or bad and in what area improvement is needed.

If our service is good, do tell your friends aite?
If our service is bad, dont forget to drop us an email and tell us about it.

We are serving you to be the best online personalised gift service in Malaysia.

We will add new testimonials from time to time and we will get feedbacks/testimonial from our previous customers.

Hafiz from UTM Skudai Johor
Aku sangat puas hati.Chumbilabila mmg best.Barang sempoi and design pun smart.Boleh bagi something meaningful and ade kenangan kat someone yang penting affordable. (Barang yang ditempah : Cawan )

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Problem Fixed!

Just a short post.
Our official website can be accessed like normal.

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