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Happy Mother's Day

One of our customers mug here from design D1











Mother's day is just around the corner , which is on the 10th of May 2009. We have created designs that are "perfector de'amor" for your mother. We can surely print it on mugs, keychains, and plates with your mom's face on it. Dont forget to wish your mum or buy her stuff okies, just spreading the love guys. Munchas Gracias for reading.

Which Tree Did You Fall From?

Hey Hey Hey Hey ,

My father forward this email to me.Well im not really into the horoscope thingy and all that, but it's fun and kinda true though. Maybe you guys can check whether the trees really represents you or not. Me? Hmmm 86.79 % correct. Oh! By the way ,my tree is Maple Tree.

Happy Treeing!

P/S : All the images are clickable okies.

Tongue In Chic

We are on "This week in Chic" !

Obviously many of you guys know what is Tongue in Chic right?

Well for those who did not know what is Tongue in Chic . Basicly, the birth of this blog is to bring together a community of fashion writers from the region to present their city's news, style and shopping attractions.

Check it out ladies and gentlemen .

Howdy peeps,
Its been a while since I write anything here. Been busy studying for my final examinations.

Anyway, I want to share with you all a very useful site to create website, flash website builder and many more. Ive created ChumBilaBila banner in the official website at .

For sure my banner is not that "good" compared to other people's banner. I'm so freaking jealous. Take a look yourself . Unbelievably Beautiful. Superbly Stylish .

And guess what ? It's free. Thank god.

Our Official Website

Hello guys ,

After so many days setting up the website, finally the website is ready!
Yahoo and guess what. I did it by my self without any profesional help..Cewah berlagak :P
The Internet = My teacher .Tq veli much . Feel free to browse around the website here is the link

Any comment and feedback for my website and blog is very much appreciated yall :)

Wish me luck on my upcoming final exam :(

p/s: FYI,my birthday is 13/4 :p ,im gonna be 21 years old sudah tua :(