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Plastic Keychain

For the curious minds, this is the meaning of my name.
This keychain is a double sided keychain. One side is the meaning of your name and the other side your picture/or anything else that you want.
The Oh-So-Famous Zati Nabilah also known as CHUMBILABILA. For your information, the name CHUMBILABILA came from her pet name given by the whole family.
The forever adorable Zati Nabilah AKA CHUMBILABILA.
The Chumbilabila logo came from her idea. She also draws the cute mugs in the logo. She's 12 years old and loves Hannah Montana. Ok stop.
The Lovely Miss Dhea's real name.
Picture on the other side.
For Couples
For Couples
For your business , institutions, corporate gift, and etc.
Picture above is the name of my University!
Price can be negotiated for large orders.

Olla Folks,

Have you ever feel frustrated when you walked into a shop wanting to buy a name keychain but could not find your name?
I'm guessing everyone has been through that kind of situation before, right? Here, you will never feel frustrated because we will try our best to search for the meaning of your name. However, if you are curious about the meaning of your name and want to help us, you can try the links below :



You can choose your own colours, pictures, designs (cute, profesional, etc ) and words. Just send us the details to

The plastic is made ouf of high quality plastic since we want to provide the best for our customers.

Promotional Price : RM8.00

Premium Gift : Crystal

You can print your photos or your words
here. Can also be used as a wedding gift and corporate gift.
Above photo is the photo of my parents.
per crystal (including printing cost)

Howdy Beautiful,

Our new product is crystal . After weeks looking for the best supplier to supply our crystals, we have found one that is cheap, affordable and is in very high quality. The one up there is quite heavy and exclusive looking.

I will end this post with :

The Price of The Crystal : RM60

Shipping Cost : RM10

The Smile on Your Parents* Face : Priceless

*(Or anybody else you are giving this gift to)

Email us the picture(s) to and we will get the job done in 3 working days.

Thank You Google

Hello there,

I just found out that when you Google "mug printing in Malaysia" , ChumBilaBila will appear in the second place out of 36,200 results. I don't know how long we will stay there but for the time being I enjoy the large orders coming in.

We are No. 2 ! Yippie!

I've been getting large orders from big companies for corporate gift printing such as Perodua, Konica Minolta, York and Prolintas. I will surely post some of the pictures of the mugs if they allow me to .

I really need to hire some more people to help me with the orders. Want to join ChumBilaBila? Haha.

Last but not least, new crystal product is coming your way . Stay cool (even it is hot in Malaysia) and stay tuned!

Happy Mother's Day

Take a break and watch this video. So Funny.

p/s:Happy Mother's Day to all Mums in the whole world wide web

Stainless Steel Keychains

Loveism Keychain (can be printed on both side)

Roundism Keychain

Rectangularism Keychain

Black and White

Finally it has arrived. Well for those peeps and couples out there who wants to make your gf/bf 's heart melt, buy this stainless steel keychains for them. Extremely high quality. Email us the picture( and we will get it done in no time. Your gf/bf is far away? How sad is that. Dont worry , we have POS LAJU ( DIJAMIN SAMPAI BESOK ) , give us his/her address and we will post it . We can also print your daddy/mummy photos too .
Futhermore, mother's day is just around the corner y'all.
Be creative.

Promotional price is RM10.
Grab one now.

p/s: Free cute gift box for the first 30 orders ( read previous post )
and thanks to miss Dhea for the photos.

Cute Gift Box

Hello there friends,

We are now selling cute boxes .
4 cute colours are available to suit your cute self :

Red, Pink, Light Pink, Purple
RM2.00 each